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Mobile Showrooms & Event Trucks

There are lots of different truck types to choose from and we'll help you identify the best option(s). And if you need, we can even supply the vehicle for you. New and used options ! See some of the event trucks we've done right here

Mobile Showrooms & Event Trucks

Promoting your business and your products at events is a GREAT way to build brand awareness. These one-to-one direct interactions deliver a unique brand experience to your customers and your potential customers and provide a great opportunity to get first-hand responses, feedback and input!

Driving Your Brand Straight to Your Customers

As the retail world evolves, the concept of bringing the store right to the customer's doorstep is becoming increasingly more efficient, effective and affordable. Complete with display racks, storage, lighting, electronics, signage and the ability to process transactions, your mobile store can be equipped to do it all. And the best part is, you can drive it right to where the potential buyers are ! With colorful exterior graphics and a killer interior showroom, you'll get the attention--and the business.

mobile showroom

  • Exterior decals
  • Full color decal wraps
  • Customized exteriors & interiors
  • Stereo systems
  • Gaming stations (Wii, Xbox and more)
  • Refrigerated vans & trucks
  • Beer taps
  • Computer consoles
  • Product display
  • Portable grills
  • Built-in food preparation stations
  • TV / DVD / audio / visual
  • Projection devices
  • Seating and tables
  • Refrigerators and refrigeration units
  • Mechanical systems
  • Stair access
  • Carpeting
  • Security alarm
  • Transaction / purchase station
  • Storage

...and whatever else you can think of ! Together, we'll turn your vision into a mobile reality !

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